Friday, February 3, 2017, house price statistics for January 2017 will be presented. With the new year, new numbers also emerge.

Among other things, from January 2017 we will publish statistics from the districts in Stavanger, while the subdivision in Trondheim has improved.

These changes are available for our subscriptions in the Real Estate Norway statistics portal.

New additions
The new additions to the statistics are:

  • More and more precise geographical sections.
  • Deviation table between price and price indication.
  • "Homes for sale" replacing the "unsold housing" indicator.
  • Focus on the lure price
  • In light of last year's attention to lure pricing in the housing market, the January report as a regular element will include a table showing discrepancies between price quotation and sold price last month.

- Lure price has been a hot topic, and openness around the discrepancies between price and price indication will provide increased security in the market. In addition, the numbers can be a temperature indicator. A rapid change in discrepancy figures could mean that the market is changing, says CEO Christian Vammervold Dreyer.

Posted for sale
Several actors have criticized the indicator "unsold housing" in the report and data set. We have now taken this to remedy this and established the new indicator "put up for sale".

- The indicator "unsold housing" has been imprecise, because the month-end and data extraction will vary from year to year and from month to month. For example, many homes are sold on Mondays and Tuesdays, while many new homes are put up for sale on Fridays. Therefore, the day on which the end of the month falls will affect the data extraction to such an extent that it becomes inaccurate. The new indicator "put up for sale" is an expression of the supply side in the housing market, Dreyer concludes.